Puppy Travel

Sometimes we do not live in the same state as our new furever best friend. Below you will find the different options we offer to make sure your puppy is delivered safely whether it is by car or by plane.

Domestic Land Travel

Option 1 if Located Within 75 Miles of San Francisco, CA

We offer free puppy delivery!

Option 2 if Located Within 100-300 Miles of San Francisco, CA

Driving is a great option if you live within 300 miles of Northern California and do not want to use air travel. We offer chaperoned land travel by car for a fee of $400-$700 USD*. This includes the chaperones time, round trip gas costs, and a puppy harness color of your choice. The puppy will be strapped into a dog carseat. Travel is only on weekends.

Option 3 if Located Further Than 300 Miles From San Francisco, CA.

For car travel further than 300 miles, we work with a puppy delivery company that will safely drive your puppy from point A to point B, non-stop. They only travel every other week to certain areas of the United States, so if this is a service you would like to use, please message us as soon as possible. The cost for this ranges from $600-$1000 USD*.

Domestic Air Travel

Flying is a great option if you live far from your new furever best friend. We offer chaperoned air travel for your new puppy for a fee of $800-$1200 USD*. This includes the chaperones time, round trip air fare, an approved airline carrier for your puppy, a puppy harness of your choice, and the air fare for your puppy. The puppy will be traveling in the cabin with the chaperone. Travel is only on weekends.

*All costs are subject to change.

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